January 30, 2009

The Wolfhounds: Rent Act 12" EP

Midnight Music - Dong 43

The Wolfhounds: Unseen Ripples from a Pebble LP (detail)

Pink Label - Pinky 19

The Wolfhounds: Me 12" EP

Idea - Ideat010

The Wolfhounds: Cruelty 7"

Pink Label - Pinky 18

Long Fin Killie: Rhino 7" + Vanilla 7"

Too Pure - 47.2 + 47.3

January 24, 2009

Models 'On' 7"

Mushroom Records - K8815

I Am Joe's Music 'Life in Asia' 7"

Mushroom Records - K9004

Severed Heads 'Petrol' 7"

Volition Records - Volt Five

January 20, 2009

January 10, 2009

Deckchairs Overboard

Singles " Carried Away" (That's the Way B-side)
+ Shout/Shout(Extended)
+ Walking in the Dark/Over and Over


January 07, 2009


An Ordinary Field No Hands for the Preacher EP
An Ordinary Field Will
Arvo Pärt Tabula Rasa
Arvo Pärt Te Deum
Björk Nattura
Brendan Perry Utopia (demo)
Brendan Perry Live at The ICA
Christian Kiefer (feat. Low) 43 Songs for 43 US Presidencies
Coil Backwards Demos
Coil The New Backwards
Colourbox The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme 12"
Colourbox Shotgun Ep
The Coventry Automatics Dawning Of A New Era
Dead Can Dance Selections From North America 2005
Deckchairs Overboard That's The Way EP
Einstürzende Neubauten Jewels
Francesco Tristano Not For Piano
Mark Kozelek The Finally LP
Mark Kozelek The Trials of Darryl Hunt Soundtrack
Mark Kozelek The Unaccompanied Voice: An A Capella Compilation
Slint Tweez
Various 4AD Presents the 13 Year Itch
Various Boomkat Best of 2008 Part 1/2/3