February 20, 2009

Skin: Girl Come Out + One Thousand Years

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Richard Grant said...

'One Thousand Years (Orchestral Version)' - is off the first EP. The other 2 tracks appeared on the "World of Skin" CDs which are still available.

'Girl: Come Out (LP Version)' - was on the very hard to find first CD pressing of "Blood, Women, Roses" , strangely it never made it onto the "World of Skin" CD compilations that followed as it is a good track.

"Girl: Come Out" EP - the two b-sides were also on the initial "Blood, Women, Roses" CD, the a-side (Rico Conning Mix) was not. Again these tracks didn't make it to the "World of Skin" CD compilations that come out later. The A-side mix is by Rico Conning and the B-side mix by Rico Conning and Michael Gira. The vinyl is a bit crackly and the tracks are rather dated sounding but interesting with a racey spoken word ending to the track that wasn't on the LP version - you will understand why they weren't re-issued by Gira later on...

Richard Grant said...

forgot to add that 'One Thousand Years (12" version)' is the same as the original "Blood, Women, Roses" but an edited version is found on later "World of Skin" CD's. The other track on the EP 'My own hands'is the same as later re-issues.

Johnny said...

Richard - this is a great blog!
Was wondering if you could re-up this collection? It always starts up but never gets any further than 281KB before it gives me a "connection reset by peer" -- I noticed you uploaded these quite some time ago so that could be the issue. And these are the only tracks I need to complete my World Of Skin collection -- I would be hugely appreciative!


_ said...

i've since found out that some of this Skin stuff came out on Jarboe's 'Mystery Of Faith' compilation that is well worth tracking down.

for everything else perhaps have a look here: