August 31, 2008


A.R Kane When You're Sad (12'')
Akira Rabelais Spellewauerynsherde
Anthony Rother Sex With The Machines
Anywhen The Opiates
The Beloved Where It Is
Carsten Endraß [Markant Cat M-04]
Carsten Endraß [Markant Cat M-05]
Carsten Endraß [Markant Cat M-06]
Carsten Endraß [Markant Cat M-07]
Carsten Endraß [Markant Cat M-08]
Carsten Endraß [Markant Cat M-09]
Carsten Endraß [Markant Cat M-10]
Cop Shoot Cop Peel Sessions
David Sylvian Contributions
The Declining Winter Goodbye Minnesota
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft Sex Unter Wasser 7"
Brothers Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft
Echo and the Bunnymen Crocodiles
Einsturzende Neubauten Alles wieder Offen
Eleni Karaindrou The Weeping Meadow
Eluvium Copia
Fats Comet Dee Jay's Dream
Fats Comet And The Big Sound Bop Bop
Fine Young Cannibals Fine Young Cannibals
Gang Of Four The Peel Sessions
Gary Clail Half Cut For Confidence
Gary Clail's Tackhead Sound System Tackhead Tape Time
Guitar Dealin With Signal And Noise
Heligoland Heligoland
Jesu/Battle of Mice
Jesu Why Are We Not Perfect?
Jonny Greenwood There Will Be Blood
Keith LeBlanc Einstein
Lubricated Goat Paddock Of Love
Lubricated Goat Plays the Devils Music
Lubricated Goat Psychedelicatessen
Malcolm X No Sell Out
Manufacture Terrorvision
Mark Stewart As the veneer of Democracy starts to fade
Mark Stewart Mark Stewart
Mark Stewart And The Maffia Learning To Cope With Cowardice
Mass Labour Of Love
Max Richter 24 Postcards In Full Colour
Moev Yeah, Whatever
Mogwai Batcat EP
O.M.D. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
Orchestra of Skin and Bone Flame
Kone - Cirrhotic Psychotic
Phil Western 1221
Popol Vuh 70s Progressive
The Primitives Lazy 86 - 88 (Singles Collection)
The primitives lovely
Propaganda A Secret Wish
Rema Rema Wheel In The Roses
Severed Heads Bad Mood Guy
Shellac At Action Park
Siouxsie and the Banshees The Peel Sessions
Stump A Fierce Pancake
Tackhead The Game
Tackhead Mind At The End Of The Tether
Tackhead Reality
Tackhead Ticking Time Bomb
Tackhead What's My Mission Now?
Talk Talk Asides Besides (CD2)
Talk Talk London 1986
That Petrol Emotion Babble
Petrol Emotion Manic Pop Thrill
This Poison! Magazine 1986-1988
Thomas Dolby Airwaves 7"
Various Collaborations
Wire Decade 2
Wire Decade 3
3Ds Fish Tales EP
3Ds Swarthy Songs For Swabs EP


Jay Roller said...

Hi there,

Just wondering of there's any chance of getting hold of Tackhead Tape Time from you? I had it on vinyl back inthe day, but sadly that's long gone. The cd version (from the US, I think) is a dreadful sound quality with no bass and totally lacking in punch - I'd love to get hold of a vinyl rip if possible.

And even if not, congrats on some fine musical tastes!


Jay R

Richard Grant said...

i have the vinyl but haven't got around to ripping it, there is a copy here not sure of the source:

i prefer the original 12"s anyway:

trollcrusher said...

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Hello ...

I am trying to find a high quality image of both the front and back of the following album:

Gary Clail's Tackhead Sound System "Tackhead Tape Time".

The cover has an image of some type of DANGER warning sign, and the reverse has an image of a jet fighter pilot's helmet with some type of digital code reflected upon it.

Please point me in the right direction to obtain scans of this release -OR- if you have them, please email the scans / images to my email address below. Thank you for your time.

Take care,


Email: trollcrusher [ a t ] gmail [ d o t ] com